An independent adviser on LED lighting

The design and build phase of an event, production space, retail ,leisure or exhibition enviroment is critical in determining its future potential and long term financial viability.

Designers,architects,electrical engineers and contractors may not be fully conversant with LED lighting`s advantages and limitations. LED FX has been around since the very beginning of LED lighting innovation which will bring unmatched breadth and depth of view, to use and selection of LED lighting on your project.

By engaging a knowledgable consultant early in the process there is the potential to save hundreds of thousands of pounds in future modifications and retrofits.

LED FX can act as a independent voice specifying and approving equipment that is best for your space and your intended use without obligation to any particular supplier or manufacturer.

By examining the relative needs of the space we ensure money is being spent in the right areas to optimize both immediate and long term functionality ensuring an enviromentally friendly lighting solution.

Through unbiased analysis LED FX ensures your goals, whether they be performance, evironmental, budget, usability,  etc. are met in the best possible manner.

Through awareness of new technologies and industry trends LED FX will ensure your facility can easily integrate new standards and equipment well into the future without the unnecessary costs of scrapping functional but incompatible equipment.

LED FX  realises the importance of keeping channels of communication open between installers, suppliers and end users to maximize integration and ensure long term performance, ease-of-use and user satisfaction.

Engaging LED FX as a consultant is a very cost effective way to maximize both short and long term usability while minimizing waste on nearly any project.