Control Systems for Lighting and LEDs

Sophisticated effects with simple controls.

Simple pre programmed systems can play a light show at pre programmed dates and times with the correct LED installation no futher intervention will be required for years.

Straightforward panels for Front of House and Bar staff to operate with high reliabilty , flexible lighting control behind it can cut your energy costs and increase client satisfaction.

Retail enviroments can use lighting to significantly increase on street presence and emphasise offering , with window space continuing to merchandise to customers after the store has closed.

Performance spaces can reflect the performance and allow selected artistes access to enviromental as well as show lighting.

Museums and public spaces can benefit from vistor interaction.

Time and tide wait for no man but they can control your lighting.

Control systems that respond to their enviroment can create a lighting installation that becomes an integrated and referenced feature of the nightscape.

Temperature,barometric pressure, traffic flow even the tide can be used to control the colour of an existing feature or to highlight a new installation.

LED FX your independent control system specialist.